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Describe 3 ways in which viruses are different than bacteria.

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We can compare bacteria and virus in the following criteria:

1. Living Attributes:

B: living organism, can reproduce asexually and can sustain life anywhere provided with the right environment condition (concentration, temperature, pressure, etc.)

V: Can be considered living (disputable) when inside a host cell or body where it can multiply.

2. Structure:

B: It is a cell (single-celled) where all the components in enclosed in a cell wall/ cell membrane where it functions. It contains ribosomes.

V: It cannot be considered a cell (condition 1) and all the components is enclosed in a capsule/coat of protein. It functions when it is inside a living cell. It does not contain ribosomes.

3. genetic component:

B: contains DNA and RNA

V: contains DNA or RNA

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