describe 2 ways in which smoking affects the efficiency of gas exchange process.

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We breathe in order to intake oxygen which is very much needed by our system to function normally. Sufficient amount of Oxygen is needed in order to produce Carbon dioxide out of our body. When we exhale, there is an exchange of gas that occurs.

Our lungs is never emptied when we exhale some portions of what we inhale remains. For smokers, other substance is present in the air that they inhale through their mouth. These substances remain in their lungs thus affecting the gas exchange and can be toxic.

1. Carbon Monoxide is present in the air that smokers intake. It takes place the role of Oxygen by binding with hemoglobin that causes the decrease of oxygen in the blood and may cause suffocation.

2. The chemicals that smoke contans stick around the aveoli thus covering some area where oxygen can enter. That blocking will decrease the amount of oxygen that can enter the bloodstream.

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