In The Bronze Bow, describe the first person Daniel recruits for his band of zealots.

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first recruit that Daniel makes is in Chapter 12, when Nathan comes to his door. As he chats to Nathan, Nathan tells Daniel that his father has begun working for Shomer the tax collector. This would have been a huge embarrassment for him as tax collectors were wedded in the mind of Jews with the Roman occupiers. As a result, Nathan was being physically bullied by his friends, and Daniel is able to see how he handles himself when he accompanies the boy back through the village and they get ambushed by some of Nathan's "friends." In appearance, Nathan is described as follows:

He had a bony, weather-toughened face under a shock of straight hair, a defiant, touchy alertness, and a blackened eye that roused Daniel's curiosity.

Daniel is thus able to make his first recruit, and also to see that Nathan knows something about fighting rather than just talking about resisting Roman rule.