Desciribe Montag's treatment of Mildred's friends.Montag dislikes them,they get upset,montag being a fool, accordingto faber...   please answer and thanks:)

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I'm not quite sure what you are asking, given that you clearly have some idea already...  But here goes:

I would say that the basic idea is that Montag constantly gets in their faces.  He is really trying for whatever reason to upset them.  He first asks them about the war.  He seems to be trying to get them to worry about their husbands.

Then he asks them about their children even knowing one of them has no children and that children are not really something people care much about in this society.

When they talk politics, he belittles them.  Then he starts reading poetry to them, which would be really unsettling in that society.

So, overall, he seems to be trying to make them as uncomfortable as possible, possibly because he wants to challenge their minds and make them think for once.

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