The density of Cl2 gas at 50C and 1.6 atm is (R= 0. 082Latm/(molk)) 1)2.14 2)4.28 3)8.46 4)13.8 5)10

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jeew-m eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Using the ideal gas equation for the `Cl_2` gas;

`PV = nRT`

We know that `n = m/M` where m is mass and M is molar mass.

`PV = m/MRT`

`PM = (m/V)RT`

`m/V = d` (density)

molar mass of `Cl_2 = 71g/(mol)`

`PM = dRT`

`d = (PM)/(RT)`

`d = (1.6xx71)/(0.082xx(273+50))`

`d = 4.289`

So the density of the gas is `4.289g/(ml)`

So the best suited answer is 4.28 which is answer 2)


`Cl_2` act as an ideal gas.