What insight has been gained about Dexter and Judy from their last meeting?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To a great extent, insight has been gained into Dexter through their last interactions.  Dexter understands that Judy will not change and that there will not be much in way of a real relationship between both of them.  Dexter recognizes that physical separation is the only way he can be "cured" of his fascination with Judy.  Fitzgerald coincides this with the break of war, suggesting that Dexter was "welcoming the liberation from webs of tangled emotion."  This helps to bring to light how Dexter needed a massive break with his reality laced with Judy.  At this point, the realization gained is that Dexter will end up living his life in some form without Judy.  It will also set up the invariable ending, which, in true Fitzgerald fashion, elevates tragic conditions in the realm of subjectivity.  In terms of what is gained about Judy, the short answer would be that little has changed within her.  She is still the same woman she was in terms of her effect on men and the self- indulgence with which she carries herself.  In terms of both of them, the reader gains the insight that they are meant to pass as two ships in the proverbial emotional night.