Demonstrate the elements of absurd drama in Waiting for Godot.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The elements of the absurd in Beckett's play revolve around the meaningless nature and lack of totality present.  There is little in way of traditional character development or maturation in the course of the play and even less in way of traditionalist structure.  There is little in the way of redemption offered or even a stated undercutting of traditional values.  The dialogue of the play moves into the absurdist realm, as there is little in way of traditionalist acknowledgement between characters in a verbal sense.  There is constant difficulty in communicating with one another, as it seems as if characters are not speaking to or even at one another.  In its absurdity, the play's true meanings lie and force the reader to examine their own values in what is presented in the play.  In this light, another element of the absurd is revealed, as the traditionalist structure of artist vs. audience is altered to include them, creating the sense that everyone is part of the same absurd drama called consciousness.

jannat2013 | Student

I know nothing.

daisy92 | Student

Most of the absurdity in "Waiting for Godot" stems from not only the plot, but also the characters.  This play is non-traditional in the sense that nothing is answered or resolved.  The reader never finds out who Godot is, although many believe Godot represents God.  The main characters demonstrate absurdity because they have no understanding of their purpose - they are simply waiting for something they do not understand.  Faith comes into question also - are the main characters demonstrative of extreme faith in that they wait and wait with no real promise of an outcome?  Or, are they just two characters who are lost in a world that makes no sense to them so they wait with the expectation that something good may come of it?  Then you have the minor characters who, when combined with the main characters, serve to add overall absurdity to the play with their nonsensical ramblings and interplay.  All of these elements, and more, combine to classify this play as absurd drama.