In "The Demon Lover," what details in the lovers' last meeting foreshadow a sinister, threatening reunion?

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An interesting detail from the lovers' last encounter is the cut of the button on the soldier's uniform as it presses against Mrs. Drover's hand. Although just about everything else to do with that meeting remains shrouded in darkness and mystery, this is the one thing that stands out clearly in Mrs. Drover's memory. This foreshadows the grim reality of life in a war-time that Mrs. Drover will be forced to endure.

The only thing that appears remotely real in her life is war and the chaos, upheaval, and destruction it brings. The aspects of Mrs. Drover's war-time existence are set out by Bowen in remarkable detail, from the chronic shortages to the cracks in the house's structure caused by bombing. The minutiae of her daily life amid the upheavals of war present a stark contrast to the unreality of her encounter with what appears to be the ghost of her dead lover.

In this story, the lovers’ last meeting foreshadows a sinister reunion in a number of ways. First of all, the girl has never...

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