In "The Demon Lover" by Elizabeth Bowen, why does Mrs. Drover return to the house?  

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During the bombing of London in World War II, people were forced to abandon their homes, and Mrs. Drover is one of these people. But one day Mrs. Drover decides to return to her house in order to gather some of the family's belongings.

Mrs. Drover went round to her shut­up house to look for several things she wanted to take away. Some belonged to herself, some to her family, who were by now used to their country life.

When Mrs. Drover arrives, she looks around and finds some cracks in the walls from the bombing. As a shaft of daylight makes its way into the hallway, she finds on the hall table a letter addressed to her. She wonders why a letter has come to this address, as she has been having her mail forwarded to the country. When Mrs. Dover reads this letter, she is startled because it reminds her of a meeting she had planned with her lover of years ago. Disturbed at the thought...

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