Is democracy the form of best government?  

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In order to answer this question, I must distinguish between a democratic republic and a democracy. Many people use these terms interchangeably when they really are describing a democratic republic. In a democracy, every citizen is involved in making the laws. In a democratic republic, people elect representatives to make the laws for them.

There are several advantages to having a democratic republic form of government. In a democratic republic, people are able to elect their leaders. They are able to have a voice in their government by choosing those people who will represent them. In other forms of government, people don’t have as much of a say as to who their leaders will be. Many people have come to the United States to experience the political freedom that we have in our country. They have come from countries where leaders aren’t elected and can do basically whatever they want to do. In a democratic republic, political power remains in the hands of the people who elect their leaders. This allows the people to hold their elected leaders accountable for their words and for their actions. It is fair to say that having a democracy or a democratic republic is the best form of government.

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