Is delegation more likely to occur in an organization with a wide or narrow span of control?

bohemianteacher4u | Student

Delegation involves the appointment of power or responsibility. The more complex a company or organization, the greater the need for delegation. In larger companies without delegation, the people employed at different levels would lack the level of instruction and communication needed to carry out their responsibilities. Therefore, delegation is more likely to occur in a company that has a wide span of control (Colombo, & Delmastro, 2004).

Consider the company and how many employees a supervisor has under his or her control. Now consider a larger organization in which the span of control widens, because many different supervisors have control over their subordinates. According to, the span of the company is dictated by the number of employees under a supervisor.

A company with a narrow span would not have many employee divisions of managers with employees under them.  However, a company with a wider span would have more employees under different managers requiring the delegation of responsibilities to become more prevalent.