Definitions IN SPANISH for these words: Novio Pais Chisme Planchar Quisiera Pantuflas El Crucero La GorraNovio Pais Chisme Planchar Quisiera Pantuflas El Crucero La Gorra

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  • Novio: (masculine noun) boyfriend or sweetheart “Juan es mi novio” “John is my boyfriend” ; female gender would be “Novia”   
  • Pais: (noun) country, synonym: nación
  • Chisme: (masculine noun) piece of gossip “No me vengas con chismes” “I don’t want to hear any gossip”
  • Planchar: (transitive verb) to iron “con la plancho” “to do the ironing”
  • Quisiera “ (past subjunctive) a polite form of “I want”
  • Pantuflas: (noun) slippers
  • El Crucero: (noun) cruise ship
  • La Gorra: (noun) a cap ie:  /gorra de montar: riding cap/
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Novio - boyfriend

Pais - country

Chisme - gossip

Planchar - to iron

Quisiera- i would like

Pantuflas- slipperss

El Crucero - cruise

La Gorra- cap

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