definition of termsDefine the following terms in one or two sentences each: sexism, gender roles, pay equity, glass ceiling,

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A glass ceiling is a phrase used to describe imperceptible barriers that prevent certain groups in society such as women from attaining equality. What makes the glass ceiling so dangerous is that it is made of glass, so can't be seen, rather than an obvious prejudice or act of discrimination.

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The term "gender roles" suggests that sexual or gender identity is not something absolutely inflexible and fixed by nature but is a "role" that is adopted by the individual or prescribed by a person's culture.

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Sexism is a mindset in which people have attitudes and beliefs based upon the gender of a person.  It is important to bear in mind that sexism is a state of mind, but that it is not a behavior. When one wants to describe a behavior, this is sex discrimination. Certainly, people who are sexist do engage in discriminatory behaviors.

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A glass ceiling is an informal limitation on how high a certain group of people (the term is usually used when discussing women) can rise in organizations.  It is meant to convey the idea that the women can rise to a certain level in a company, at which point they will be able to see what is above them but will never be able to actually get to that level themselves.