What is each juror's definition of democracy, justice, and social responsibility?

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Part of the problem here is that none of the jurors are given names--only numbers.  It makes keeping them straight in your mind very difficult. 

The best way to answer this is to make yourself a 12-column chart--one column for each juror, and in each one, take notes on his ideas of democracy, justice, and social responsibility.  Those born in the USA might not have as strong an opinion about democracy as those who have recently become citizens. 

Each of the jurors have different sitatuations and backgrounds, as well as how invested he is in finding the real truth.  One has tickets to a concert and just wants to come to an agreement, no matter the consequences.  One comes from the "other side of the tracks" and knows how to properly use a knife.  He actually pulls one out of his pocket that is so similar to the murder weapon--said to be unique--that the others are shocked into silence for a few minutes.  Another questions the timing of the train and the accuracy of the woman's testimony due to her eyesight.  Those who disagree the most are truly the ones who get down to the business of showing reasonable doubt which makes the others finally change their votes and leads to an acquittal for the defendent.