Please provide a definition of "general management".

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boomer-sooner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

General management is the level of management where the responsibility for the strategic vision and administration of the organization rests.  Typically a General Manager (GM) is the senior leadership step for general employees and reports to the executive leadership.

The General Management level encompasses the overall strategic goals of the organization with various levels of supervision supported.  The franchise model provides a good example of the organizational ladder.  A GM will supervise one store with shift or team leaders directly supervising employees.  The GM will report to a Regional Manager, an executive level leader responsible for multiple sites.

The leadership ladder will present something like the following from top to bottom:
Chief Operating Officer (CEO); Vice-President for Operations (VP); Central Region Executive; Store General Manager (GM); Shift Leader; Employee.

In the franchise model, the GM handles the operation of the store including hiring, merchandise control, reporting, and finances.  The role General Manager is given because the manager is responsible for the general handling of the organization, but the details are left to lower level supervisors to carry out.