Employee Motivation

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What are some ways to motivate employees and teams by satisfying their needs?

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One thing that employees and team members often need is to feel that they are in control of their work.  Providing this feeling can be one way to motivate them.  For example, managers and other supervisors can give the employees some amount of discretion to do their work as they see fit.  Managers can also show that they are open to suggestions about how the work should be done.  By doing these things, managers can help employees feel a sense of control and, thereby, a sense of motivation.

Another thing that employees need is to feel that they are valued.  Managers can do this by routinely acknowledging contributions by employees.  When employees do a particularly good job, managers should show that they notice and that they care.  Employees might also feel valued if their bosses are willing to listen to them when they have suggestions and are willing to give them jobs that can challenge them.  All of these could be ways to motivate employees.

Finally, employees typically need to get feedback so that they can understand what they are and are not doing well.  If managers give this kind of feedback it can motivate workers because they will understand where they need to improve and they will feel good about the things they are doing well.

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