Define and describe the 8 principles of quality management.

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Quality management is the process of managing and monitoring performance to ensure adherence to set job quality standards and goals. The eight principles of quality management are:

  1. Leadership – leaders must give direction, purpose, set goals and facilitate an environment conducive to meeting the organizations mission.
  2. Customer focus – Customers needs, requirements and expectations should be understood and satisfied.  
  3. People approach – the organizations goals and mission should have buy in from all levels within the organization.
  4. Process management – Processes should be well defined, integrated and adopted.
  5. System management – The entire organization and its processes should be managed as an integrated system with proper coordination.
  6. Continuous improvement- Performance should be tracked and managed with the goal of continual development and enhancement.
  7. Fact based decision making – Decision should be made on the basis of accurate data and analysis.
  8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships