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Defined by Others? "Hamlet lacks faith in God and in himself.  Consequently he muct define his existence in terms of others, e.g., I am the man whose mother married his uncle who murdered his father.  He would like to become what the Greek tragic hero is, a creature of stituation.  Hence his inability to act, for he coonly "act," i.e, play at possibilities," W.H. Auden argues.  Agree?

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In Act 4 Hamlet talks of Fortinbras and his willingness to fight when the risk is so great only on a matter of honor.  Hamlet complains that his motivations are much stronger (honor included, but his father is murdered and his mother has married the murderer) and yet he still does not act.  He swears to be more "bloody" in thoughts and actions from there on.  I don't think Hamlet lacks faith in himself...he's just adjusting to being told by a ghost (NOT his father, an apparition who LOOKS like his father) to murder Claudius.  This is weighty stuff, and warrants thought before action.

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