Define the theme of "In An Artist's Studio" by Christina Rossetti.  

The theme of "In An Artist's Studio" by Christina Rossetti is the objectification of women by a male painter. He paints his model according to his own "dream" of what he wants a woman to be, "not as she is." The sonnet's speaker objects to this false depiction of women.

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In "In the Artist's Studio's" the theme is the objectification and distortion of women under the male gaze. This is sonnet, a poetic form from its beginnings given to projecting male fantasies and idealizations about women. In it, the speaker speaks of a "face" or "figure" (body parts rather than a person) that a male artist paints. The woman in his paintings, whether in an "opal" or a "ruby" dress, is always the same. She is always a "nameless girl," always depicted as "a saint, an angel."

The speaker notes the painter "feeds" on this figure as if he were a cannibal. She is reduced to an object he uses for his own needs. The reality of who she is—"wan with waiting...with sorrow dim"—is erased as the artist depicts her to fulfill a fantasy of what he wants a woman to be. She is painted:

Not as she is, but was when hope shone bright;
Not as she is, but as she fills his dream.

The repetition of "not as she is" emphasizes the theme of the slippage between reality and fantasy.

This sonnet,...

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