The Minister's Black Veil Questions and Answers
by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Minister's Black Veil book cover
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Name the prominent symbol used in "The Minister's Black Veil."

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The prominent symbol in Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "The Minister's Black Veil" is Reverend Mr. Hooper's black veil. A symbol is an object which assumes the meaning for a more abstract idea, while maintaining its denotative (dictionary) meaning as well. IN the story, Hooper's veil (though a simple piece of cloth) represents many different things for the other characters (readers as well) in the text.

The veil symbolizes, therefore, something hidden (referring to the veiling of something). It also represents hidden sin (by covering up part of Hooper). Many critics find that the veil represents many different things. So many so, the exact symbolism of the veil has yet to be agreed upon.

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