Define the various available study stratgies; use short sentences, please.

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many study strategies exist; you simply need to find what works for you to be successful.  1.  Be in class, pay attention, and come prepared.  2. Learn to take notes carefully and concisely so that your notes are clear to you later and cover the most important information. 3. Be sure that you STUDY the information you have accumulated during this class which means review the information.  4. Use mnemonics or some strategy like that to maximize your memory of the needed information.  Mnemonics is like FANBOYS which uses the first letter of each word to remember the co-ordinating conjunctions which form compound sentences.  5. Highlight the information you have to study which YOU DO NOT YET KNOW so that you are reviewing the material you have the hardest time with.

drugy | Student

i need a defination only