Define Structural Grammar and Generative Grammar.

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Structural Grammar: A grammar intended to explain the working of language in terms of the functions of its components and their relationships to each other without reference to meaning. (

Structural grammar excludes semantics (construction of meaning) while analyzing individual phonological units of sounds (phonemes), the construction of words (morphemes and inflections), and syntax (function and relationship between sentence parts).

Structural grammar grows from Saussure's work in langue versus parole and diachronic language versus synchronic language. Therefore structural grammar analyzes concrete synchronic...

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Structural grammar is a means of analyzing written and spoken language. It is concerned with how elements of a sentence such as morphemes, phonemes, phrases, clauses and parts of speech are put together. 


Generative grammar is a type of grammar based on a set of rules that can be used to produce all the sentences possible in a language.