Define the role English can play towards achieving equality and justice in today's India.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

By its very nature, I think that this question is broad enough to be taken in a variety of directions.  For this reason, I think that you will either have to repost it with more specificity or sift through some divergent answers.  I am going to take it from the position of literature and intellectual thought as opposed to the straight and literal interpretation of "language."  I think that the role that gaining an understanding of English can play in modern India today can help to achieve social justice and a sense of equity within Indian society.  One of the distinct advantages of globalization would be the ability to grasp and absorb how other cultures have addressed issues that span cultures.  For example, learning English and understanding the implications of English thought in literature can help to better grasp the dimensions of how to go about in minimizing the harsh effects of the caste system.  The idea of "higher" and "lower" stratification is something that has dominated English literature and Western thought.  In learning English and understanding approaches that have been taken by the West in order to minimize or bring down their own versions of institutional discrimination, Indians can use similar approaches in streamlining issues like the caste system or to eliminate the archaic effects of marginalization of voice.  In learning the English language and understanding how the validation of all voices is critically important to the success and sustenance of democracy, Indians will be able to understand how to go about attacking a problem that has been ingrained in Indian society for centuries.  This would be a transformative role that English could play for Indian society.