Define reason and define passion. Which one is driven more in our society?  

Expert Answers
gojsawyer eNotes educator| Certified Educator
An easy way to approach the definitions of “reason” and “passion” are to locate them in the body. The center of reason is the mind, the center of passion is the heart. In that case, the question of which drives society depends on which leads. But an underlying question is, can one do without the other? The mind, or reason, drives many institutions, such as government and education. Yet, can they survive without the drive of passionate people who infuse them with new ideas? The heart, or passion, drives many cultural resources such as literature and other arts. Yet, can they survive without logical structures to guide new ideas to fruition? In literature, sweeping themes such as love and death are explored with both the reason of plot structures and the passion of storytelling. A few resources that discuss these themes are below, but try to explore the big ideas of literature with both reason and passion.