In relationship to "Feminie Psychology", define psychology.  Briefly explain the approaches of modern psychology.Answers should be of at least 300 words.

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We are limited in length for all question responses.  I will be happy to give you a brief overview of what you requested, and provide you with links for obtaining more information.

Psychology is the study of the human mind and human behavior.  It attempts, as all scientific disciplines do, to explain the causes of certain behaviors and to "cure" problematic behaviors. 

Modern psychological studies can be broken into categories, the most common being:  Behavioral, Psychoanalytical, Biological, Humanistic, Multicultural and Cognitive.

Behavioral psychology identifies the environment as the force that shapes behavior and rational thought.  Psychoanalytical focuses on the subconscious as the root of conflict and behavior.  Biological emphasizes the chemical reactions in the body.  Humanistic is determined to examine each "subject" as an individual, and to not generalize causes in connections with behaviors.  Cognitive examines internal mental processing - how we use our brain to perform functions, such as problem solving - in order to evaluate behavior.  Finally, Multicultural is what is sounds - an examination of cultural backgrounds to assess culturally associated behavior.

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