What is the definition of professionalism in health service delivery?

Expert Answers
jraineharrison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Professionalism in health services delivery is an ability to demonstrate good ethical choices in the workplace.  This includes doing the right thing, even when the wrong choice is also an option. For example, a unit secretary may witness a medical error that occurred with a patient.  The good ethical decision is to report the error, although the clerk could also choose to not report the error. 

Professionalism also involves making good decisions when presented with issues at hand.  This means that the individual chooses the right option each time.  For example, a manager may wish to contract with an outside agency.  However, the good ethical decision would be to evaluate that agency's due dilligence before signing any contracts. 

Those working in health services delivery also demonstrate professionalism by having good personal and professional values. Health care professionals often serve as leaders in their communities.  Therefore, they should be demonstrating good personal and professional character.