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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the culture of an organization can consist of many elements.  On one hand, I think that an integral part of this culture is the idea that individuals are able to understand what values or ideas are stressed in the organization.  Part of this is the idea of understanding and upholding the "core values" of an organization.  These go very far in defining the culture of a specific collective entity.  Being able to represent these values in as many forums as possible becomes critical in defining an organizational culture.  Additionally, I would say that another part of this culture is the idea of being able to bring people into it that can fully embrace and add to this culture. I think that this would consist of being able to to relay the core values of the organization to prospective candidates and ensuring that what is present in the organization can be embraced by the specific applicant for the position.  This might be a very good way of ensuring that the organizational culture of an organization is enhanced and developed in both short and long term.