Define the notion of the anagogical/eschatological sense of the Scripture. What could be examples?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A common concept in Christian hermeneutics is the notion that every line in the Bible can be read in both a literal and non-literal sense. Two possible non-literal types of reading are “anagogical” and “eschatological.”

Eschatology is the science pertaining to the end, or, in Christianity to the Last Judgement and Second Coming. The eschatological readings of the prophets and Revelation are ones focussed on interpretation as making specific predictions. One particularly common subclass of this interpretation focusses on trying to match up Biblical prophecy with actual events and predicting the precise time of the millennium.

Anagogy means “leading upward” and refers to a spiritual rather than a literal interpretation, e.g. seeing manna from heaven as the soul receiving spiritual sustenance from faith rather than just as a description of literal food.