Define the nature of the conflict between the narrator, Sylvia, and Miss Moore in The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara.

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The nature of the conflict between the two characters is defined by the different perceptions each has of her own reality in contrast with that of the other. Miss Moore clearly means well and wishes to create an awareness within her students of their place in society within a socioeconomic framework and how they can improve their lot. It is clear that she wishes to motivate them and wants to encourage critical thinking so that they may realize the importance of striving for better. Her approach is not condescending since, firstly, she is also African American and it seems as if she may have come from a similar background. She wishes to be an inspiration to her students.

Conversely, though, it is obvious that Sylvia resents Miss Moore and sees her as an imposition. Throughout the story she mocks Miss Moore and persistently denigrates her attempts at teaching them. Sylvia probably sees her teacher as someone who believes that she is better than they and, therefore, dislikes her. Miss...

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