Define the main goals and strategies of green intelligence. Do you think market-based approaches could save the planet? Why or why not?

Expert Answers
enotechris eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Green Intelligence is an initiative to inform consumers about the environmental costs of the products they purchase. Wal-Mart's introduction of a product sustainability index gives consumers that information.

A book by the title Green Intelligence was published by John Wargo in 2009, where he pointed out unsustainable and damaging industrial practices that were not being effectively managed, and the government failures in attempting to do so.

Rather than have governmental policies that consumers and manufacturers will attempt to end-run, knowledgeable parties, both consumer and producers, can effect change by comparing which products appear to be sustainable, and which appear not.  A "virtuous cycle" can evolve, where consumers, by "voting with dollars" for the products they deem environmentally appropriate, will encourage businesses and manufacturers to provide the same. Over time, high cost environmentally favorable products will become cheaper.

In short, unsustainable high environmental impact products will evolve away in favor of sustainable low impact products.

The Market based solution is the only effective way to achieve sustainability.