Define the key elements in a healthy and respectful relationship, and how do we develop them.Fill our gold cups with love stirred into clear nectar. Please show me ways to introduce tye sweetie.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The previous posts did a nice job of helping to bring definition to such a wide ranging topic.  I would also add that establishing the ethics of freedom within a relationship is a critical element in this process.  Individuals must be able to feel that there is some level of free will they possess in any relationship.  If there is a lack of freedom or the feeling that free will cannot be exerted, then the individual is likely to develop some level of resentment and experience the feeling of suffocation in any relationship.  The premise behind choice and actively exercising autonomy while keeping in mind the presence of the other are critical elements within the structure of any relationship.  Often within the premise of relationships and existing with another, the ethics of freedom is forgotten and put aside.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Healthy relationship to me means that a relationship in which all the parties to the relationship receive more than what they give. Another description for such a relationship could be cooperative relationship. Respect is an essential element of such a cooperative relationship. Each party in the relationship must respect the individuality, needs and rights of the other parties. This creates a healthy atmosphere for growth of mutual cooperation. Another essential ingredient for cooperation is mutual trust, and the best way to develop such trust is to be trustworthy. These are two essential ingredients between all good relationships. All other factors may or may not be essential depending on the nature of relationship. For example love is considered to be most essential ingredient in relationship between husband and wife, and in this the importance of love is so dominant that reciprocity takes a back stage. In relationship of deep love people do not calculate their gains and losses. However in a buyer-seller relationship reciprocity is perhaps very important. Though some love may exist between a buyers and sellers, it is definitely not an essential requirement, and perhaps intimacy is something which should be left out all together in such relationships.

mkcapen1 | Student

Healthy relationships often develop and evolve over time.  Human beings carry natural undisclosed baggage into relationships that must be addressed and adjusted in order for a healthy relationship to develop and be maintained.  In order for a relationship to be healthy in our society the following things should be present:

  1. Mutual respect.
  2. Reprocicity.
  3. Each individual has a good concept of self..
  4. Communication handled in an appropriate manner.
  5. Willingness to compromise.
  6. Support for one another.
  7. A common bond.
  8. Friendship..
  9. Intimacy.