Define ignoble, specious, ersatz, debacle, collateral, and demean.

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Below are definitions for the following words: ignoble, specious, ersatz, debacle, collateral, and demean.


1. not honorable either in purpose or in character. "The brother had ignoble feelings of desire for his sister-in-law." 2. of low origin or status. "The ignoble beggar continued to peddle his wares."
Synonyms: dishonorable, degenerate, sordid, low

1. plausible on the surface, but actually wrong. "The banker provided a specious explanation as to why their loan was denied." 2. misleading in appearance. "The theme park gives their attractions a specious appearance of originality."
Synonyms: false, misleading, deceptive
1. not genuine, a knock-off. "The aspiring actress wore a coat of tacky ersatz fur."
Synonyms: fake, substitute, faux
1. a sudden, ungraceful failure. "The media flocked to report on the politician's latest personal debacle."
Synonyms: fiasco, mess, failure
1. security pledged for the payment of a debt. "The pawn shop held the title of his car as collateral. They would hold it as security in the event that he was unable to complete the payment plan for his purchase." 2. a side branch, as of a vessel or nerve.
Synonyms: Assurance, pledge, secondary
1. to speak extremely poorly of. "The mayor demeaned his opponent during the debate." 2. to do something that shames oneself. "As a professional musician, he found the singing of campfire songs demeaning."
Synonyms: decry, belittle, humiliate
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