In your opinion, what are the rights that all people should have? 

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The following could be cogently stated as the rights that all people should have: right to life, shelter, security, family, home. Rights are subject to qualification or limitation and therefore could not be for all. We know that some states do execute criminals and they have included such practices in their constitutions. However, the very fact that one country kills criminals does not allow us to universalize the practice. Some rights could be challenged but those I have included above are not easy to dismiss.

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Right to marry or love whoever they wish without being labeled or having the government interfering has to be my top right that I think people should have.

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In my opinion the fundamental rights would be:

1. Right to food, clothing, and shelter

2. Right to education

3. Right to speak the truth

4. Right to life provided s/he respects the same for others

5. Right to choose religion and conduct her/himself accordingly, including observing the required dress code