The Scottish Chiefs

by Jane Porter
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Define how William Wallace fulfills the heroic quest.

William Wallace fulfilled his heroic quest because he helped lead Scotland to independence from Edward I. Although Wallace died in the proecss, Robert Bruce finished what he started and became King of Scots in 1306.

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Sir William Wallace is a Scottish hero who is celebrated for his efforts in the First War of Scottish Independence. After his wife’s murder, it became his goal in life to free Scotland from Edward I, King of England. He led several successful battles and captured many castles, like Berwick Castle. He also helped save prisoners like Lady Helen Mar’s father, who was imprisoned in Stirling castle. His strength and perseverance at the Battle of Stirling Bridge led to the English army surrendering.

But the next year, at the Battle of Falkirk, fake Scottish soldiers turned on Wallace, and he lost many men. Later, Lady Mar turned on him and accused him of treason. He died a traitor’s death, but one can still say he fulfilled his heroic quest because of what happened afterward. Upon hearing that Wallace was sentenced to death, his friend Robert Bruce set out to finish Wallace's work. He was crowned King of Scots in 1306 and led troops against Edward at the Battle of Bannockburn, winning Scotland’s freedom. Now of course, this freedom only lasted for a short period of time, but technically, Wallace achieved what he set out to do, even though he died in the process.

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