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Define harm reduction/harm minimization, and give examples of drug policies and programs that are consistent with this philosophy.

Harm reduction or harm minimization refers to an approach towards drugs that aims for safer drug use. Breaking down the term, it strives to “reduce” or “minimize” the “harm” caused by drugs. Harm reduction policies are unique in that they accept recreational drug use as opposed to criminalizing it. For example, some programs that follow the harm reduction philosophy offer clean needles to drug users so that they are less likely to get HIV.

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Harm reduction and minimization are terms used to refer to the advocacy for safe drug use. The philosophy promotes the idea that if drugs are used under safe conditions, they are less likely to cause harm. For example, if a person does drugs in a facility monitored by a medical doctor, there is a low chance that the user will overdose.

The ideology behind such facilities is that when drugs are used safely, drug users are less likely to face negative medical consequences and...

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