Define the functions of parties by using the Tea Party Movement as the example.

epollock | Student

A political party is a group of people who share similar views on common sets of issues and who seek to staff and run the government. The functions of the political party is to staff and run the government, have a viable and honest campaign process for the best candidate, and have an election process for the most qualified candidate. Since the Tea Party fits most of these, functions and responsibilities, the one thing it doesn't have and that is authority to place candidates on ballots. I believe that most candidates, if not all, run as Republican candidates and not Tea Part candidates, so the party would fail in that one respect. Also, I am not sure of all the issues of Tea Part candidates and i am not sure if they have broad sets of issues and not just one or two which would equate them as more of a political interest group. An interest group. The Tea Party is similar to political parties in that both make input to governmental components, both are organized efforts, both tend to share common views, both tend to become more effective as they become larger, both tend to draw people of similar characteristics, and both play important roles in transmitting political values. The Tea Party Movement and political parties have these values in common.