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Define Domestic Policy and Foreign Policy. Give an example of each. How do they impact the U.S.? Which one is more important and why?

U.S. Government on Domestic and Foreign Policy

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Domestic policy refers to government decisions regarding activities and issues within a country. One example of American domestic policy would be the discussion regarding the government providing access to health insurance for all Americans. The Affordable Care Act allowed people who didn’t have health insurance to have an opportunity to buy it from the healthcare marketplace. Another example of domestic policy was the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act. This law mandated a great deal of testing be done in schools to monitor the progress of our students. This law significantly increased the role of the federal government in education. The Every Student Succeeds Act replaced it in 2015.

Foreign policy refers to actions by a country that deal with diplomatic relations with other countries. An example of foreign policy was signing the North American Free Trade Agreement. This agreement created a free-trade zone in North America. It removed taxes placed on various goods that were produced in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Another example of American foreign policy is current event in which the United States is pushing for harsh sanctions by the United Nations on North Korea, because North Korea is developing and testing its nuclear weaponary program.

Both domestic and foreign policy impact the United States. Domestic policies impact how Americans live their lives each day. The taxes Americans pay and the resulting public school education that Americans receive is an example of the impact of domestic policy on people’s lives. Foreign policy also impacts people. American relationships with other countries determine if there will be peace or war. People who currently live in Hawaii and in the western Pacific region are closely monitoring American actions regarding North Korea.

Both foreign and domestic policies are important. One is not more important than the other. Since they impact people’s lives in various ways, both are equally important.

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Domestic policy are laws, policies, etc. that are set in place within a specific country. An example of a domestic policy within the Unites States would be social security.

Foreign policy are those policies that deal with the relationships we have with other countries. It has to do with the interaction that a country has with another country. An example of a foreign policy is the United Nations.

Both of these impact the United States. Domestic policy has to do with how we live each day, including education, taxes, environmental protection/laws, welfare programs, etc. Foreign policy has to do a lot with international trade, peace keeping, etc.

I do not think that one is more important than the other. Both types of policies effect the way we live our lives every day.

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Domestic policy is stuff like health care -- things that mostly happen within the US.  Foreign policy is stuff like what to do about the Karzai government in Afghanistan -- things that mainly happen outside the US.

Both of them are very important.  The domestic policy has more of an impact on our day to day lives, in general.  However, huge things can happen in foreign policy (things like wars) that can have a huge impact.  So both are important and I don't think you can really say one is more so.

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