Define the following terms and discuss their significance: a) cultural hybridization; b) reflexive anthropolgy; and c) fission/fusion.

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Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cultural hybridization describes the process by which two unique cultures merge to form a third new culture. Cultural hybridization helps us to understand the results of processes such as colonization and migration. For example, when Europeans colonized the Americas, European and Native culture merged to form unique local cultures throughout the Americas.

Reflexive anthropology describes the practice of engaging in deliberately self-reflective practices (such as journaling) in research. Reflexive anthropology encourages researchers' awareness of their own cultural assumptions and of their position relative to the culture(s) and individual(s) they study.

Fission / fusion describes the daily movement patterns of certain mammalian species. Fission / fusion groups typically sleep and eat together. During the day, the groups split off into smaller units to hunt prey or to hide more easily from predators. The fission / fusion model gives animal scientists insight into the social structure of these complex animal societies.