Define and discuss job analysis. Why is job analysis relevant to planning, staffing, performance appraisal, reward systems, and the like?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A job analysis is the process of defining what each job requires in terms of skills, tasks, and anything else that the job requires. This is a very important point for many reasons. 

First, unless there is an accurate job description (based on an analysis), the company will not be able to recruit and hire the right person. In other words, you will need to know what the job is about before intelligently hiring someone. 

Second, you also need an accurate analysis for potential employees. How will they know if they are qualified for the job, unless they know what the job will entail? Also how will they know if they even want to apply? 

Third, when it comes to performance, a job analysis is important, because when a person is evaluated, they should be evaluated in view of the job analysis. In other words, did they fulfill their job description? Hence, any evaluation needs to have a job analysis. 

Finally, a job analysis is important for other workers as well, so that each person will know what he or she is responsible for in their terms of tasks and duties. 

In conclusion, one of the first steps is to have a job analysis in any company. 

ndawana | Student

Job analysis is the process of breaking down the job into smaller componebts as to identfy the duties and responsiblities of the individual in a certain produces two main documents that are important  in recruitment  and selection and these are job description and person specification.

The acquisition of information is a vital element in any job analysis exercise so it is important the it is done in systematic way

Common methods of carrying out a job Analysis are:

observing a job,interviewes,work study techniques,diary methiod,working perfomance ad questionares.