Fences Questions and Answers
by August Wilson

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Define the conflicts between Cory and Troy in Fences, showing how they develop.

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The first conflict between Troy and Cory is in regards to chores. Rose reminds Troy that he has said he would complete the fence in the yard and Troy insists that he will get it done, but Cory needs to put some effort into helping. 

When Cory leaves home on a Saturday morning for football practice without finishing his chores first, Troy is waiting when he gets back home. Troy reprimands Cory for leaving without doing his chores. 

In this conversation, Cory states his interest in playing football and Troy says he will not allow Cory to quit his job at the A&P.

This is the moment Cory asks why Troy doesn't like him. Troy responds that as his father, he does not have to like his son. The only demand he feels in relation to Cory is to raise him properly and to provide for him. 

The confrontation ends with Troy telling Cory to get back down to the supermarket and get his job back.

The themes of the trouble between father and son are established in this scene. Troy refuses to yield to his son in...

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