How do we see anti- Semitism in four specific examples from the film School Ties?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Examples of anti- semitism, the specific targeting of individuals of the Jewish Faith, are evident in the film.  I think that one can assert that the entire social order that lacks any diversity or heterogeneity might represent an intolerant culture helps to breed anti- semitism in that it helps to foster the attitude that targets individuals, the very essence of the concept.  This allows instances where language that demonizes and denigrates Jewish individuals to be used freely without any admonishment from any figure.  The opening scene where we see the boys talk about the "hi- fi" and how McGivern "jewed down" the seller for the purchase of the device.  There is no secondary thought to the language used.  At the moment of confrontation, Dillon calls David a "backstabbing kike," preceded by a joke about Jewish individuals and Pat Boone.  Naturally, the Swastika and "Go Home Jew" are strong examples of anti- semitism.  I would say that all of these help to foster the social reality of St. Matt's that helps to breed ignorance and anti- semitism, as well as a healthy dislike of anything that is different from the cultural norm.