Define 5 “I”s of Romantic period?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Romanticism emphasized on intuition and suggested that as individuals we should not only rely on conscious reasoning but also act on information from our instincts.

Romanticism lay emphasis on innocence and preferred it in its artistic expressions. This is because it was an era that tried to escape the issues brought forth by industrialization which they considered a betrayal.

Romanticism also placed emphasis on individualism. Romantics considered themselves unique and that this uniqueness is present in every individual. They clearly avoided mass mentality and considered the differences that make each individual special.

Romanticism emphasized on the use of imagination which they considered an important source of knowledge. Imagination was considered more important than facts and reason that were established at the time. This provided an avenue to challenge the status quo.

Romanticism received its inspiration from nature. Romanticist believed in nature’s ability to provide deeper meaning and knowledge, given that nature protects individual freedoms and offers an opportunity for expression of the same.