Defence of Poesie by Sir Philip Sidney is a Renaissance criticism. What does Sidney explain about poesie in this wiork?

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Karyth Cara eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Defense of Poesie by Sidney, he posits his concept of Aristotelian mimesis. He agrees with Aristotle that poetry is the inspired thought of Divine Providence through which the inspired poetry portrays heavenly truth for which the uninspired (non-poet0 human soul yearns. He posits that truth must be described in all its aspects, shown against its antithesis, and summed up in a noble manifestation of the proper representation of the truth of virtue. Shakespeare and Spenser agreed with and adhered to this which is why Shakespeare, for example, shows every kind of love and a villainous love in his plays before ennobling the proper presentation of love, e.g., as in Hero in Much Ado About Nothing.

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