Describe Tom Robinson's character in "To Kill a Mockingbird"List 10 words to decribe Tom Robinson's character

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Polite: Tom befriends Mayella as he walks past her home, and even offers to help her complete certain chores.

Generous: Tom demonstrates his generous nature by helping Mayella Ewell without accepting her money.

Trusting: Tom trusts that Mayella will not endanger his well-being, which is why he agrees to enter her home in the first place.

Friendly: Tom has an affable personality, which is why Mayella feels comfortable speaking to him.

Skillful: Tom's ability to complete a variety of tasks for Mayella demonstrates his skills and ability to fix things.

Anxious: On the night before his trial, Tom feels anxious when the Old Sarum bunch arrives outside his cell.

Honest: Throughout the trial, Tom tells the truth about what happened on November 21st.

Innocent: Despite being accused and convicted, Tom never assaulted or raped Mayella Ewell.

Hopeless: After Tom is wrongly convicted, he loses hope in the Alabama judicial system.

Desperate: While Tom is in the Enfield Prison Farm, he becomes desperate and attempts to escape by climbing over the fence.

jilllessa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are ten words that I would use to describe Tom Robinson:

Noble: because he did not portray any bitterness about his situation on the stand and because he helped Mayella when he did not have to.

Compassionate: Because he felt sorry for Mayella despite his circumstances as a Negro in the south.

Persevering:  Because he had a job and a family despite the childhood injury to his arm.

Hardworking:  As described by his employer and evidenced by the fact that he did work for Mayella for no recompense.

Intimidated:  Because he ran from Ewell even though he had done nothing wrong.

Kind:  Again he was willing to help Mayella

Naive:  Because he did not see the risk he took in helping Mayella.

Honest:  Because he was truthful in his testimony and described as honest by those who knew him.

Brave: We do not see him break down in fear in his difficult circumstances.

Tragic:  He is found guilty of a crime he did not committ. Further it was his compassionate and kind nature that put him as risk for this accusation.  Finally he is killed out of hand by vigilantes before he can appeal the incorrect veridict.




amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would add:

Family-oriented:  very much in love with his wife and worked hard to provide for his family as best he could with his arm.

Gentleman:  Tom acts as a true southern gentleman would toward Mayella...he provides for her in a protective way since he knows her life is hard and she has no other help at hand.

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