Describe the society in which Anthem is set.

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In this society, real innovation is shunned, creative thought is outlawed for the vast majority of the population, and, thus, scientific advancement is nearly impossible.  In an effort to keep everyone equal, intelligent youths, like Equality, are not sent to live in the Home of the Scholars; he is sent, instead, to be a street sweeper.  Rather than allow him to excel in an appropriate field, leaders determine that he should live a life of drudgery so that he never has the opportunity to showcase his unusual talent.  Rand conveys her belief that political and economic systems like socialism and communism stifle individual thought and, therefore, prevent advances of any kind.  When Equality sneaks away to do his experiments, eventually discovers electricity, and makes the decision to share his findings, he risks possible punishment for his illegal activities because he believes that what he has discovered could have enormous benefits for his community.  However, rather than...

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