In Of Mice and Men, describe the man who meets George and Lennie at the bunkhouse.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Of Mice and Men, the man who meets George and Lennie at the bunkhouse is Candy.

Candy is the old man who works as a swamper/ maintenance man on the ranch. Candy has only one hand, as the other was lost in an accident and continues to work there doing menial tasks.  He treats George and Lennie with respect.  As he meets them, he speaks to them about the boss's anger at their tardiness. He also calms George down when George becomes angry about the cleanliness of the bunk bed.  Candy conveys a sense of permanence on the ranch that reflects how long he has been there.  Candy's humanity is enhanced with his old dog.  His only companion, Candy claims that the dog used to be “a good sheepherder dog when he was younger.”

In greeting the men with such congeniality, Candy becomes one of the friendliest faces that George and Lennie meet on the ranch. While both men have traveled to different jobs are accustomed to ranch life, Candy helps them as he greets both of them.In a world where workers move from ranch to ranch, George and Lennie find a welcoming face in Candy.   As the story progresses, Candy wishes to share in George's and Lennie's dreams.