Decision making in organizations is, a political process. Build aconvincing case to support or oppose this claim.

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If we examine politics as the process by which individuals make decisions, then this is a highly political setting and configuration.  Individuals make decisions that impact other people inevitably have to engage in politics and the calculations that follow.  One group of people benefit and other group does not.  This makes the process of decision making as a political one as those in the position of power have to navigate between which group makes sense to highlight and which to feel not as empowered.  Perhaps, this is deliberate on the part of those who make the decisions or a side effect that has to be balanced out with the next decision to be made, but it seems to me that making decisions where people's interests are hanging in the balance is a political process.

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Decision making in almost any organzation has to be a political process.  This is true because any leader has to have the support of his subordinates if a policy is to be carried out properly.

This is true even in organizations where the leader supposedly has complete power.  If he does not build support for his decisions, the subordinates may be unenthusiastic about implementing them and may do so as slowly as possible.

At lower levels of an organization, decision making is political because every person involved in a decision will be looking at the decision in terms of its impact on their future chances for promotion.

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