"Decision making is the most critical managerial task."  Discuss the statement in light of decision making steps.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You will have to do some investigation about the different types of philosophies that individuals in the position of power can adopt in making their decisions.  This becomes a major part of your answer.  The "decision making steps" are predicated by the philosophy selected and understood by those in the position of power.  For example, a "majority" decision will be one where the steps taken will be to ensure the greatest amount for the greatest good.  This decision making philosophy is one where individuals find themselves trying to align configurations so that decisions benefit the most.  Another dimension of this would be the idea of consensus decision making, which is akin to the majority, but strives to integrate as many of the dissenting opinions as possible.  In this framework, decision making is done with the understanding that any decision made has to integrate and include as many voices as possible.  In the end, decision making is essential, which makes the philosophy guiding it even more vital.