Decision-making is a difficult aspect of leadership and thus, management. Discuss some ways to increase creativity in decision-making for a company.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would argue that the best way to increase creativity in decision-making at a firm is to make sure that the firm is a “learning organization.”  Learning organizations are organizations that allow their workers to be creative and to come up with a variety of solutions to any given problem.  They do this largely in the type of work environment that they create.  Some things that can be done to create a learning organization and, thereby, to increase creativity are:

  • Give employees the freedom and opportunity to come up with new ideas.  Employees must not be kept to a strict regimen of churning out results.  This will give them no time to think about how things can be done differently.  Instead, they need the time to think and they need to be put in situations (such as brainstorming sessions) that will allow them to be creative.
  • Ensure that workers will not be penalized for having ideas that seem crazy.  If workers are criticized or mocked for having novel ideas, they will not feel that it is safe for them to be creative.
  • Allow employees to come up with and implement creative ideas and give them feedback after they have done so.  This will allow employees to see that higher-ups are actually paying attention and will motivate them more.  It will also allow them to hone their skills by helping them to understand what aspects of their novel ideas have and have not worked.

These are a few ways in which creative decision-making can be fostered.