decide which is largerwhen looking at 2 signed numbers, how to decide which is larger?

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A few rules

  • Any positive is larger than any negative.
  • If you are looking at two negative numbers, the one with the higher absolute value is smaller.  (In other words, -10 is smaller than -1).
  • If you are looking at two positive numbers, the bigger one is larger (as you would expect -- 10 is more than 1).
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Maybe it is more easier to graph a number line and to represent the numbers on this line.

We'll have the origin as a reference point.

The negative numbers are to the left side and the positive numbers are to the right side.

Positive numbers are larger then negative numbers and the origin, zero, is less than any positive number.

The origin is always greater than a negative number.

So, the larger number is always to the right side of the other number.